Banking – A First Impression

When a customer decides to open an account at your bank, they’re not just looking for someone to manage a few checks here and there. They’re trusting you with their retirement, their children’s future, and their ability to put food on the table.

So when they walk through your doors, they expect your staff to be professional, trustworthy, and approachable. When money is at stake, even the tiniest detail matters. This is why it is critical for each and every associate to wear a clear and visible name badge. It is the first thing your customer sees and their first indication of the service they’re going to get.

As you plan out the first impression you want your customers to have, consider these reasons for requiring all banking staff to wear an appropriate name badge:


Sometimes only the best will do. For the ultimate in quality, style and appearance our Executive Name Badges/Name Tags are the optimum solution. They are manufactured in a choice of Gold or Silver, Rounded or Framed Metal Backed Badges, and are both attractive and durable. The front of the badge can be colour matched to your brand specifications and can be personalised and titled for each staff member.

Why not avail also of our specialised coating will keep your badges looking better for longer, using our Acrylic Domed Protective Coating that is both hygienic and durable. The coating provides a barrier that raises the badge front, giving it a more appealing appearance. It also makes the badge wipe-clean, so that it stays looking better for longer!

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