Honor Or Commemorate With Custom Engraved Or Etched Plaques


The engraved plaques are flat marker which is used for commemorating, paying tributes or for memorial purpose. The plaques are made from different types of material and used for different purpose. These are perfect for honoring someone, for memorials, or for simply gifting with engraved words.

Create High Quality and Customized Plaques

There are different types of material used for designing and making a plaque. These are custom designed with engraving of text or image or name of a company or event and used for different purpose. The brass plaques are durable and give a historic feel to the plaque.

The plaques made of brass are not only used for memorial or gift purpose. Brass is a high quality and durable material, perfect for even engraving business names. These commemorative plaques are used and designed for businesses to recognize the name of the founders.

The brass material is of high quality and gives timeless elegance. The signs or plaque surface can be protected with help of acrylic coating to give a glazy and polished look. The plaques can be customized with traditional engravement of words, printed plates with image and hence is a way of recognition.

Leave a Good Impression with Customized Brass Tags

The plaque is flat and sturdy, and the name of a person can be engraved on it. The brass plates are the most suitable and classic material for engraving names. The name tags made on brass plate are of high importance to businesses. The tags can be used on the doors of the office.

In offices, the higher management level or owners have their separate rooms. It is important to mark the rooms with the name of the person and designation for people to know. The brass tags with names are classy and leave an unmatched quality and impression to onlooker.

Versatile Range of Graphics and Word Patterns

There are different types of graphic options for engraving and etching on the surface of the plaques. These can include words or image which are either raised or recessed on the plaque surface. These can be further customized using different colors, fonts, and patterns.

  • The recessed type of image or word engraving is quite common. This depresses the graphic which can be filled with paint later.  The raised graphic gives a subtle impression.
  • The plaques are perfect for tribute or as a token for participation in an event. It is used by companies to give attendees of corporate events a token with imprinted company logo.
  • The plaques are designed with intricate detailing. It can be engraved with logos, letters,or images, all for different purpose.
  • It is used as a gifting option and a personalized photo or words etched on the plaque makes the most personalized gift.

Choosing the Right Type of Designers for the Work While creating and custom designing the plaques, signage, or tags, make sure to pick the right material for the same. Brass is timeless and gives a vintage feel. The professionals have expertise with all sorts of intricate and detailed carving and etching on the plaque surface.

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