Create a great impression with Custom Name Badges

Our Custom Name Badges/Name Tags are uniquely tailored to your specifications and requirements.

Traditionally a printed and engraved badge but now also encompassing the latest in digital printing techniques to provide an extremely versatile product that can be simple or as complex as needed.

These name badges are presented in a variety of formats ranging from high quality laminates to framed and customised shapes. Our name badge system is innovative, smart and informative. The badges are manufactured adhereing to your companies brand guidelines and individually personalised for the wearer. We can work in conjunction with your designer or we can provide the design for you at no extra cost.

  • Wide Choice of Sizes and Shapes

  • Digital Effects Possible

  • All Fonts Possible

  • Unlimited Colour Combination Possible

  • Wide Selection of Backings Available

For over 20 years we have led in the way in name badge manufacture and techniques. We offer a proven stock system for our personalised badges where badges can be held at our purpose built facility for clients to call off as needed. This allows the convenience of a single invoice and quick turnaround. The name is applied to the badge when needed and can be sent direct to the user or HR Manager promptly. Detailed stock reports can be sent at the end of each stock.

Improving Badge Durability & Appearance

Why not avail also of our specialised coating will keep your badges looking better for longer, using our Acrylic Domed Protective Coating that is both hygienic and durable. The coating provides a barrier that raises the badge front, giving it a more appealing appearance. It also makes the badge wipe-clean, so that it stays looking better for longer!

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