Reusable Badges

It is a fact that in many industries the workforce is in a constant state of flux. Temporary or seasonal staff, however, can now be given a professional looking badge that is completely re-usable.


Using a Hand-Held or Desk Top Label Printer our Re-Usable Badges can be easily personalised on site and because they can be re-used over and over, they are extremely cost effective.

Why Choose Our Reusable Badges?

Our Re-Usable Badges are available in a choice of styles, shapes and colours and are suitable for different budgets. From injection moulded plastic badges to executive metal backed badges we have the badge just for you. We can match your re-usable badge to tie in with your permanently personalised badges from elsewhere in our range.

  • Re-Usable

  • Can be personalised on site

  • Wide choice of styles

  • Labelling Machines can be supplied

  • Ideal for seasonal and temporary staff

Recognition Express Ireland pioneered this badge over 20 years ago and it is still proving a huge success. Customers around the globe, from local convenience stores to large multinational companies, are using this effective name badge system to introduce their staff and represent their corporate identity. The speed in which the names can be applied to these badges means each new staff member can have their personalised badge within seconds of starting their new role.

Improving Badge Durability & Appearance

Why not avail also of our specialised coating will keep your badges looking better for longer, using our Acrylic Domed Protective Coating that is both hygienic and durable. The coating provides a barrier that raises the badge front, giving it a more appealing appearance. It also makes the badge wipe-clean, so that it stays looking better for longer!


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