Be Recognised Be Remembered

Why your Hotel Staff should be wearing name badges…

Creates a Conversation Opening

Name badges can be a great way for a customer to start up a conversation with one of yourhotel-badges employees. This name badge also provides accountability for service employees because the customer knows exactly who they are dealing with from the first moment they makes contact with your employee. These name badges offer customers additional comfort in knowing at least a piece of information about your employee before they begin a transaction with him.

Help Employees Address One Another

In larger companies, it can be difficult for employees to remember everyone’s name, especially newer employees that are trying to find their place in the business. Name badges allow employees in different departments to build a sense of camaraderie faster. They also provide accountability to employees – if they drop the ball or behave rudely to another staff member, their name is out there for the world to see.

Provides Way for Customers to Identify Employees

When your employees wear company name badges, it becomes easy for customers to identify the individuals that work for your business. If a customer suddenly has a question or requires the completion of a transaction, they know exactly where to go for help. This practice is especially helpful on a showroom floor, where employees circulate along with the customers. However, it can also be helpful for employees behind a desk or counter because it provides a way for customers to identify with the employee right away.

Build Corporate Identity

Name badges contribute to corporate branding, by adding the business logo to everyconference-room employee in the company. While name badges are typically restricted to use in the office, they will inevitably get worn to business lunches or even the gas station on the way home from work. The company name gets advertised to the outside world through the people that have made your business what it is. Company nametags can even be used to advertise special promotions and events.

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