Create your identity – Corporate Badges and Name Tags

Almost from the time period of 28 years, Recognition Express has been the way in corporate identification across Europe. We have eminent Irish owned, family, operated a business which is relied on specifically in the historic city of Limerick, owing to the beautiful valley of Shannon and Abbey Rivers.

Corporate badges

We produce custom and modified badges, signs, promotional products and dignified awards. Our commercial badge, sign and award outcomes have been implemented to a great extent by a variety of businesses right from Small and Medium-sized Enterprise presenting a local service to have a genuine requirement to present a customized and serious threat to their main customers.

From stating inquiry to innovate and produce your badges or certain essential signs, you can be sure that every step of the method is processed by professionals. We are also guaranteed producers of consumer badges in Irish. Specifically, our custom name badges or specific name tags are impeccably tailored to your needs and special desires.

There is a unique printed and designed badge but now also routing the exclusives in digital printing procedures to give an important and intensified product that can be basic or as complicatedly designed as required.

These name badges are stated in a great range of different formats varying from great quality laminates to stated and modified structures or shapes. Our name badge system is impeccable, smart and precisely detailed. The badges are produced stating to your specific companies requirements and brand guidelines and particularly personalized for the wearer. We can join in conjunction with your producer, or we can need innovation for you at a quite reasonable price.

We offer you an amazing and wide choice of different sizes and shapes. There are innovative and extraordinary digital effects possible. All fonts are possible in our creations.

We present a wide variety of unlimited colour combination possible. A wide selection of backings is also present.

Get the best possible designed commercial badge with us!!

We have acquired the expertise of over 20 years and, we have led the market in name badge production and procedures. We present an intensified stock system for our modified badges where badges can be stated at our purpose-built facility for a variety of clients to call off as required. This permits the basic convenience of an innovative invoice and rapid process of a turnaround. The name is stated to the badge when required and can be allocated and direct to the user or HR Manager. Precise stock reports can be processed at the end of each stock.

Name tags

Recognition Express is the best place to get your name tags designed.

Name badges are a literal and beautiful feeling of pride. They are modified badges that involve your name and your state in an arena. Name tags bring a feeling of prosperity and of stating as you wear them specifically on your chest and flatter them. But wearing them on your chest will also involve consuming pins to place them accurately.

With Recognition Express, the only feeling you get is contentment. Our basic and modified name tags are supported with concrete magnets, so relax completely about your name badges inserted to a sharp pin and do not worry about them falling all the time. Also, there are no more holes created in your shirt by digging in those pins.

We are prominent in the creation of customized, exclusive and alluring name tags which will suit all your needs and will also greet you with a wide and a happy smile. You are going to love when you will trust us for designing your name tags.

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