Reusable Name Badges

Our quality reusable name badges, give employee identification especial if there is a high turn of staff or lots of temporary staff coming and going. These are ideal for identifying conference attendees or temporary staff.  Reusable badges are a perfect if you need large quantity of badge at a very good price.

The great thing about a reusable badge is that they can be used over and over again by removing the old name from the badge, printing up a new name on the tape and adding it to the badges. The tapes are easily replaced as needed for new names.

Our Re-Usable Badges are available in a choice of styles, shapes and colours and are suitable for different budgets. From injection moulded plastic badges to executive metal backed badges we have the badge just for you. We can match your re-usable badge to tie in with your permanently personalised badges from elsewhere in our range.


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