School Lapel Pins

Its that time of year again to get Pins and Badges ordered for the new term.


Electing Student prefects – they will usually work very close with the teachers. By working closely with the them, they will build a wonderful relationship with their teachers whichschool-lapel-pins helps in so many cases.

Student Council

This is one of the most essential skills that students learn by being a part of the student council. Being leaders of certain groups and societies, students learn to establish goals, delegate responsibility and give directions to their peers on executing tasks successfully.

Students will also learn the skill of interactive and effective communication and become good listeners. They will learn to be flexible and obtain the skills to mentor groups of students to perform to their optimum capacity. This will offer them an important learning and practical experience for their future.

School Captain

A school captain is a focal point for student concerns and for staff to pass on information to the school. Thee may be democratically elected, so they need to have a high profile and be a trustworthy person. An effective leader has a long list of qualities and skills they need, but a school captain may learn these along the way to improve their impact on the school.

Let your students stand out from the crowd and be recognised. We at Recognition Express can create badges to any specification.

We also supply a wide range of Lapel Pins such as the following:

Head Boy Head Girl Student Council
Mentor Prefect Committee
School Captain Sports Council Green Committee

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